Clear the Air, Inc.
It's about creating the healthiest envionment possible

As long time asthma and allergy sufferers, we had been told many times by our doctors that itís important to learn and avoid the things that will trigger an attack, thus we tried to make it our priority to find ways of improving our air quality.
Over the years we have found that the small changes can lead to big improvements. One of the many suggestions our doctor gave us, was buying a high quality air filter for our home. Over time, we realized that it was equally as important to change that air filter regularly if it was going to be effective however we found that remembering when to change the filter wasnít all that easy. We would find ourselves standing in a hardware store trying to remember what size we needed or thinking of it at work, in the car, or at other in-opportune times. Ultimately, we would end up leaving the house for a special trip to buy the filter, wasting time and money.

In 2006 the idea of clear the air was born. What if we could supply other asthma and allergy sufferers with the highest quality filter and take away the hassle that goes along with changing it? After extensive research we found that the filter market wasn't meeting the needs of everyday consumers let alone the respiratory sensitive, most of the web sites are cluttered and confusing and it becomes increasingly more difficult to determine the quality of the products. This realization prompted the start of a mission to improve the air quality of millions of asthma and allergy sufferers such as ourselves.

In 2009, clear the air was finally brought to life. Our main goal is to create the healthiest living environment possible for you and your family. We have diligently researched the market to find the highest quality allergen reduction filter for your home, and it is our sincerest goal to make sure that the indoor air quality we provide for your home remains as clean as possible.